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Coloured Overlays

Research has shown that the use of coloured filters in spectacles or coloured overlays laid over text can help some children and adults who may be struggling with their reading.

The colour of the filter or overlay helps to reduce the perceptual distortions of the text that can sometimes be reported by these individuals. This enables more fluent reading with less visual discomfort and fewer headaches.

Examples of other symptoms that can often be described here include:

  • Eyestrain or headaches when reading
  • Words moving or being blurred
  • Poor concentration
  • Problems associated with glare from the page


A coloured overlay assessment is carried out only after a full eye examination and if symptoms are still present after the appropriate spectacles or exercises have been prescribed. This consists of allowing the patient to view text through different coloured acetates. Their response to the different colours is then recorded and through a process of elimination the best colour or combination of colours is determined.

If you would like more information on this service then please contact our practice in Churchdown directly.

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